Vel Lewis on TV!

The past six months of music performances were amazing, to say the least. But when I received a call to perform with my band at the newly-constructed, state-of-the-art performing arts center known as Smart Financial Centre at Sugar LandI knew this would be fantastic. And not only would we be performing at this fabulous venue, but our performance would be recorded on location for the Great Day Houston TV show!

I watch this daytime TV show with host Deborah Duncan often, and I know that the show airs each day on CBS-affilate station KHOU-TV Channel 11 in Houston. However, I am still blown away over the fact that my band and I are featured THROUGHOUT the show – in four of the seven show segments!  Not just at the end of the broadcast as I’ve seen happen with performing artists and/or bands performing on TV.

If you missed seeing the TV broadcast, you can watch the show in its entirety via this YouTube playlist: Great Day Houston on the Road at Smart Financial Centre with Vel Lewis – YouTube


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