U.K. Magazine interview

I’ve been very excited about my interview with a writer from the U.K. a few days ago, who also became excited once he learned more about me. While performing around the country recently, I’ve noticed many people are very curious that they’ve never heard about me before.

Well, it seems that this is about to change. Yes, I’ve been behind the scenes for many years. Just to name a few, I performed with The Futures and with The Delfonics (groups from my hometown of Philadelphia, PA), while with a band of high school friends when we called ourselves “The Life Group” or “Life”. Many of you may know that I performed with Dionne Warwick on her World Tour for almost three (3) years.

However, you might not know that a song I co-wrote for “Life” became a popular dance hit in the U.K. over forty (40) years ago. Here’s a YouTube channel playlist where you can take a listen: http://bit.ly/TellMeWhy-Vel

Now that a writer for this magazine has located me, interviewed me, and plans to release an article on my story, lots of people will soon learn quite a bit about me.

Blues and Rhythm Magazine publishes 10 issues every year. Issue #309 is their latest publication, representing 30 years in business. Stay tuned for more info on this!

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