Truly “A Concert to Remember”

I love that God sometimes allows me to be in a position to help a young person experience a life-changing opportunity. In the couple of weeks leading up to last Friday’s concert at Sugar Land Auditorium with my good friend Mr. Larry Braggs of The Temptations, he and I were able to provide a life-changing opportunity for not one, but seven (7) young individuals to practice and perform as professional musicians on stage before their friends, family, and strangers. They learned how to play Tower of Power styled horn parts just like Tower of Power would play them. They learned how to play Memphis Soul music horn parts. They learned how to play Groove Jazz. This all came to be with the help of two wonderful guys – Mr. Ray Schilens of Radio Lounge USA, and Mr. Tracy Prater.

To see the sparkle in their eyes after the show was “golden” for me, and I would dare say that it was an unforgettable experience for each of these young musicians.

The following is from my Facebook page:

“These young people I list below deserve some credit in print. They certainly earned it with high honors:

The “Big Red Power Horns” of Dulles High School, Sugar Land, TX stepped up and learned how to be professional brass players with the help of Mr. Larry Braggs, former lead singer for Tower of Power and current lead vocalist of The Temptations.

Juniors, Sophomores, a Senior, and a Freshman. Seven horns total – two trumpets, two trombones, baritone sax, tenor sax, and alto sax. They performed extremely well last night (Friday, Jan 20, 2017) at Sugar Land Auditorium with Larry, my band, background vocalist Loneta aka “Lady Silke” and yours truly. Here they are:

1st Trumpet = Philip King
Trumpet = Richard Gu
Trombones = Carter Ellis, Shane Whitmire
Alto Sax = Michael Brough
Tenor Sax = Garret Zimmerman
Baritone Sax = Jared Feliprada

Special thanks to Charlie Bubenic for arranging the Dulles horns and rehearsing them, to Jeremiah Jackson for his assistance in many ways, and to Adam Hawks for his support to use the church’s Youth Center for band rehearsals.

Great job, guys!”

I also want to relay my sincere appreciation to my band, who also deserve to be acknowledged for their mastery of the music we’ve played together over the past few years:

Eric Fountain = drums
Morgan Stevenson = bass
David Gallego = guitar

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