“Tell Me Why” – the first one

Someone asked me recently, “What was the first song you ever recorded?” Well, the first song I recorded was with the first group/band I played with called “The Futures”. We recorded our first single entitled, “Breaking Up” (The Futures – Breaking Up) on the AMJO label out of Philadelphia, PA. The flip side or “B” side was a song entitled, “Our Thing”. I open this song with a huge Hammond organ glissando: The Futures – Our Thing

However, the first song I composed and recorded is a single entitled, “Tell Me Why” by “Life”, or as we called ourselves, “The Life Group”. The “B” side is a song entitled, “That’s Life”. The following YouTube link has been viewed the most and reflects the most comments (Tell Me Why – views), but the sound quality is much better on this one: Tell Me Why – sound. I am singing the lead-in vocal on both verses.

“Tell Me Why” has been, and continues to be a very popular song of a “movement” in the U.K. called “Northern Soul”. If you’ve never seen this video about Black history from the British perspective on music, it’s worth taking a look: YouTube – Northern Soul – the story


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