Still love music?

I hope you all are enjoying nice weather wherever you may be, and you are having a fantastic weekend with some great music to bring some nice “color” to your “soul“!

I’ve gotta say that it is so nice when I mention my “Colors Of SoulCD to someone and they say to me, “Well, do you have one?” This happened a couple days ago. I replied, “Yes, I do”, and I sold a CD right on the spot! It was a lady who told me she was on her way to pick up her girlfriend, and that they would listen to the music while they were riding. Thanks to those of you who still like to buy music!

Recording artists such as myself cannot survive if music lovers do not buy our music. A long-time acquaintance of mine (Steve Lukather of the group “Toto“) wrote a couple days ago about how so many people are using music while texting, Skyping, or whatever, just bopping their heads along to the “beats” or “loops” and not really listening to music as we (musicians, artists, music lovers) used to do years ago. It used to be so much fun to buy an album or a CD to read the credits (see who’s playing what on each track), and listen to the songs we liked over and over again, picking out the nuances and cadences (pieces of recognizable “signature” or familiar style of a particular musician or artist in the track) and realizing how really cool it is that that person played what they did.

So with that being said, I hope you will take a few minutes and buy a “Colors Of Soul” CD here at CD Baby: I am suggesting this site because you can buy 2 or more and get a 10% discount on your purchase. Also, if you don’t like using your credit card online, CD Baby offers the ability to send them a check. They will ship your CD order when your check clears the bank. You can also download “Colors Of Soul” tracks or any of my other singles, if downloading is your preference. However, the discount only applies to the physical CD purchases.

Listen to “Colors Of Soul” tracks on Earbits Free Online Radio!

Colors Of Soul” tracks were recently selected for airplay on Earbits Free Online Radio! Here are the links:

Colors Of Soul
Song For My Love
Lovin’ You So
Maybe So


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