My single, my family

My latest single is scheduled for release in nine (9) days – on September 26, 2016, and it is going to be a very special one this time for me. I was fortunate to have my cousin/Godson/bassist extraordinaire Gregory Johnson work together with me at his house to do a lot of the pre-production work. He also played bass on a couple more songs of mine that I plan to include on my upcoming EP album scheduled for early-2017.

I am including pictures of both my brother Jeffrey Lewis and my cousin Greg here because these guys mean a whole lot to me. They always have, and they deserve to be pumped up! Gregory’s mom (my late Aunt Hilda) was like a second “Mom” to me. Gregory’s late brothers Robert & Edward were very close to me as I grew up. Cousin Robert and I did just about everything together, including traveling on the road together, and turning each other on to new music whenever we could. When I traveled to the D.C. area to perform, I knew I could count on staying with my cousin Edward. Our families were always a close family. Having a mom as a tap dancer/acrobat, no wonder music in between us all the time was a natural thing. So, recording music together is something we’ve all looked forward to, and I am very happy that we are finally seeing this happen. Special thanks to Eric Tunison at Groove Tunes Studios (Alpharetta, GA) for his great mix down, and to David Williams (The Vault Studios) for his “genius” work on the final mix down, edits and mastering.

Producing music costs a whole lot more than the $0.99 cents iTunes suggests we charge. Therefore, I do hope you will tell everyone you know about this song when it comes out, and help us sell a lot of these singles!

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