Music… it’s still the International language

I love music. All kinds. I remembered this title statement this morning and decided to look it up again. Here’s what I found:

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “Music is the universal language of mankind .”
  • “Music is a part of people’s lives from all around the world. It has been around for at least 50,000 years and most likely originated in Africa.” (Wallin, Nills L., et al. The Origins of Music. MIT press, 2001) Read more:

It seems that there’s a difference of opinion here and there. I found quite a few interesting posts on “” – 63% say “Yes”; 37% say “No”. Here’s a link to the page:

It’s been quite nice when I mention my “Colors Of Soul” CD to someone and they say to me, “Well, do you have one?” And I say, “Yes” and then I sell a CD or two right on the spot! And what’s even more cool is that it doesn’t matter what ethnic background or skin color the person is! This tells me that you appreciate the music, the artist themselves, and you’re interested in everything and everybody involved with creation of the music. You like good music! A huge “Thank You” to those of you who still like to buy music!

“Color your soul” and the lives of people you love today with some good music! It can make the world around you a happier place, while you go through your day. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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