More Excitement!

It’s been hard to get sleep these days with so many exciting things happening! I wake up this morning and see that 30 radio stations in the U.S. and around the world are playing my new single, Papa’s Strut. Wow! Then a few minutes later, I am on conference call with a classical pianist friend in Italy to discuss details of a music presentation we will do together via video conference starting this weekend. A few minutes after that, I learn that I am invited to do another radio interview tomorrow evening. I was already excited about an interview I will do tomorrow afternoon on the “Hybrid Jazz from Trish Hennessey show”!

Tune in and listen tomorrow, between 2pm – 5pm EasternHybrid Jazz from Trish Hennessey

Check out Papa’s Strut here:

Spotify: Papa’s Strut_Spotify

iTunes: Papa’s Strut_iTunes

CD Baby: Papa’s Strut_CD Baby

YouTube: Papa’s Strut_YouTube

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