Truly “A Concert to Remember”

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I love that God sometimes allows me to be in a position to help a young person experience a life-changing opportunity. In the couple of weeks leading up to last Friday's concert at Sugar Land Auditorium with my good friend Mr. Larry Braggs of The Temptations, he and I were able to provide a life-changing opportunity for not one, but seven (7) young individuals [...]

Larry Braggs of The Temptations and Vel Lewis – “A Concert to Remember”

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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ada Lewis (323) 332-8702 A Concert to Remember! Soul vocalist Larry Braggs of The Temptations With Jazz Hammond organist Vel Lewis to perform at Sugar Land Auditorium (Sugar Land, TX) December 7, 2016: Two Grammy Nominated recording artists, Larry Braggs (vocalist with The Temptations) and Vel Lewis (Internationally acclaimed Jazz Hammond organist) will meet in [...]

More Excitement!

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It's been hard to get sleep these days with so many exciting things happening! I wake up this morning and see that 30 radio stations in the U.S. and around the world are playing my new single, Papa's Strut. Wow! Then a few minutes later, I am on conference call with a classical pianist friend in Italy to discuss details of a [...]

My single, my family

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My latest single is scheduled for release in nine (9) days - on September 26, 2016, and it is going to be a very special one this time for me. I was fortunate to have my cousin/Godson/bassist extraordinaire Gregory Johnson work together with me at his house to do a lot of the pre-production work. He also played bass on [...]

“There’s far too many of you dying…” – Marvin Gaye

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I start off here with a quote from Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” track. Yes, words from another music icon who died so soon. I learned about Billy Paul’s passing Sunday night. Immediately afterwards, I said to myself, “Okay, enough. This is Jazz Appreciation Month. It’s time to write and pay tribute to these great artists.” Hearing about Prince passing [...]

Still love music?

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I hope you all are enjoying nice weather wherever you may be, and you are having a fantastic weekend with some great music to bring some nice "color" to your "soul"! I've gotta say that it is so nice when I mention my "Colors Of Soul" CD to someone and they say to me, "Well, do you have one?" This happened a [...]

Music influences and “what’s in it”

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I have a couple artist pages on my distributor’s website ( where I’ve listed my music influences as George Duke, Billy Preston, Brian Culbertson. On another page I added Herbie Hancock. These artists and their work continue to provide a great influence on my style of composing and performing music. However, I came across a favorite Hammond organist of mine [...]