BACH 2 SOUL Concert – “STEM” becomes “STEAM” in Houston

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"STEM is an educational program developed to prepare primary and secondary students for college and graduate study in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In addition to subject-specific learning, STEM aims to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills." [1] Those of you who either know me personally or heard me speak during radio & TV [...]

Exciting news!

2018-03-22T05:59:22-07:00January 31st, 2017|In the press|

It's always great to receive good news when you're not expecting it. I received this poster during a meeting a couple days ago. The single from my "Colors Of Soul" EP entitled "Maybe So" is a featured track. If you're not aware of this magazine, I recommend signing up for it. After reading through it, I thought the graphics are exquisitely laid [...]

Truly “A Concert to Remember”

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I love that God sometimes allows me to be in a position to help a young person experience a life-changing opportunity. In the couple of weeks leading up to last Friday's concert at Sugar Land Auditorium with my good friend Mr. Larry Braggs of The Temptations, he and I were able to provide a life-changing opportunity for not one, but seven (7) young individuals [...]

My January newsletter is out!

2017-01-11T07:08:57-08:00January 11th, 2017|In the press|

Lots of exciting things going on in 2017. Check it all out here in my latest newsletter edition: Vel Lewis Music News & Updates. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family. May God bless you and your families with a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year.  

“Bach 2 Soul” – The Art and Science of Piano and Organ

2017-01-06T13:08:44-08:00January 6th, 2017|In the press|

Happy New Year of 2017! Tomorrow, the third of five video presentations in our “Bach 2 Soul” program called “The Art and Science of Piano and Organ" co-hosted by Mariam Haddad of Performance English (Performance-English.com) and Efrem Jernigan, President of South Union Community Development Corporation (South Union CDC) will be an extremely special day for @SouthUnionCDC STEM program students, who are now known as [...]

Larry Braggs of The Temptations and Vel Lewis – “A Concert to Remember”

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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ada Lewis (323) 332-8702 media@vellewis.com A Concert to Remember! Soul vocalist Larry Braggs of The Temptations With Jazz Hammond organist Vel Lewis to perform at Sugar Land Auditorium (Sugar Land, TX) December 7, 2016: Two Grammy Nominated recording artists, Larry Braggs (vocalist with The Temptations) and Vel Lewis (Internationally acclaimed Jazz Hammond organist) will meet in [...]

Vel Lewis “Papa’s Strut” is the featured track today at All About Jazz!

2018-03-21T08:48:06-07:00November 18th, 2016|In the press|

Happy Friday, everyone! Check out this email I received this morning: Hello fellow Jazz fan! This is a one time announcement to let you know that Vel Lewis "Papa's Strut" is the featured track at All About Jazz today. Listen to it and download it for free from here... media.allaboutjazz.com/media.php?id=10888 We hope you enjoy "Papa's Strut" and please share the link [...]

More Excitement!

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It's been hard to get sleep these days with so many exciting things happening! I wake up this morning and see that 30 radio stations in the U.S. and around the world are playing my new single, Papa's Strut. Wow! Then a few minutes later, I am on conference call with a classical pianist friend in Italy to discuss details of a [...]

Papa’s Strut is on the move!

2016-10-03T13:24:08-07:00October 3rd, 2016|In the press|

What a great way to start off the month of October! DC Bebop is "Listening to” Papa’s Strut (http://bit.ly/BebopVL) Papa's Strut is on YouTube (http://bit.ly/YouTubePapa) Papa's Strut is on JazzJuiceRadio - U.K. (http://bit.ly/VLJazzJuiceRadio) Papa's Strut is on SmoothGrooveRadio - AZ (http://bit.ly/VL_SMGroove) Papa's Strut is on SmoothGroovesRadio - U.K. today! (http://bit.ly/PapaVL_UK) I am on Wikipedia now! (http://bit.ly/VLWiki) Performing with my band at The [...]