A very good, long-time friend of mine (Fredrick Vegas aka “Freddie C” as we used to call him) came across this photo of me recently while going through his archives. A big “thank you” to Freddie for sharing this pic, but this picture definitely reflects one of the #ColorsOfSoul that needs some explanation! LOL!

You’ll see the name “The Futures” on the front of my Hammond Porta-B organ with a Leslie 925 speaker behind me. “The Futures” were an 11-member group I had been a part of. Guess you can tell from the condition of the cabinet that this organ had been through some traveling!

Our band had recently went out on our own as “The Life Group” and if I’m not mistaken, this shot was taken near the end of a long rehearsal day. We had been playing the same song over and over again, so that the vocalists in our group could get their choreography and singing parts together. I already knew my part, so at this point, I was tired and ready to go home. But, I knew we had to get it right, so I was trying to “suck it up” and hang in there until we were done. Guess I wasn’t doing too well sucking it up, huh? 🙂